Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) tool

The Benefitness Adaptive Gym, located at the main campus of the nonprofit Benevilla, opened one year ago with the goal to prove physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle is no longer out of reach for anyone. What makes this adaptive gym different from other local gyms? Benefitness Adaptive Gym offers innovative and exciting ways to help those in our community with different abilities, special considerations, and on-going clinical needs.

We are consistently advancing our offering of specialized services, in addition to classes to help improve the quality of life for our members and improve their strength, balance and agility, which in turn improves their abilities to perform routine tasks of daily life” says Benefitness Director Lorrie Karn. “We look forward to helping you start your health and wellness journey.”

New program additions include a Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) tool as part of the new member assessment process. This non-invasive, fast and easy test is used to monitor health by looking at body composition, specifically the percentage of body fat, lean body mass, and water content in a person's body. You simply stand on the device and hold the hand electrodes. The BIA machine works by passing a safe and low-level electrical current through the body. The electrical current travels through the water present in muscle, fat, and other tissues at different speeds due to variations in their composition and water content. By measuring the impedance (resistance to electrical flow), the BIA machine can estimate the proportions of different body components.

It measures body fat in relation to lean body mass and is said to be more accurate than BMI testing. During assessments, the BIA will be used to do a body composition analysis, inflammation analysis, cardiac risk analysis and set-up a basal metabolic rate. The results will be used to develop a plan tailored to your health and wellness goals. Periodic testing measures progress and tracks your wellness journey.

This month, the adaptive gym is adding nutrition coaching as an essential element in the battle against aging. Nutrition coaching aims to provide personalized guidance to help members meet their nutritional needs, manage chronic conditions, maintain a healthy weight, support bone health, boost immune function, and promote overall wellbeing. Nutrition programming greatly supports workout efforts for maximum fitness results. The Benefitness Nutrition Plan is based on the Modified Mediterranean Diet otherwise referred to as the Anti-Inflammatory Diet.

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