Boxing Basics – This class is designed to introduce the basics of boxing. This class is intentionally slower paced to allow time for developing the understanding of boxing terminology and maneuvers. This workout stimulates eye-hand coordination, balance and stability, and body and spatial awareness.

Cardio Box – This class is designed to get your heart pumping! This fun and engaging work out promotes eye-hand coordination, balance and stability, neuro-stimulus to quiet tremors, improve body and spatial awareness, and improve confidence and wellbeing.

Boxing Plus – This class is a great combination of boxing maneuvers and resistance training. Your coach will guide you through cardio driven boxing moves then transition to muscle building resistance training. This class optimizes those looking to improve strength, balance, cardiovascular training, and overall fitness.

Cardio on the Move – This class is the perfect trifecta that incorporates cardiovascular training, muscular resistance training and core development. Members will move throughout interval stations designed to engage the entire body.

Functional Movement – This class works on balance and stability as well as flexibility and joint range of motion. Members will learn spatial and body awareness and how to mitigate injury should a fall occur. Exercises include promotion of agility, coordination, and basic body mechanics.

Seated Stretch – This class is focused on muscle elongation and joint range of motion. Members will be guided through deep diaphragmatic and deep lung breathing to aid in relaxation and muscle elasticity.

Seated Muscle – This class is designed to improve muscular strength and endurance. Members will have stability of sitting in a chair during this class yet will have the option to stand. All primary muscle groups will be targeted in this class and will engage the entire body.


All classes at Benefitness focus on each members’ strengths and unique abilities. Each coach is nationally certified and is carefully vetted to ensure that classes are led with encouragement, positivity, and compassion. Benefitness strives to promote a member’s quality of life and improved wellbeing in bright, energetic, and fun classes.


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